About Us

A place to breathe...

Biyaya Community Church is a thriving congregation affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA) with the mission to serve and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the Greater Houston Area.

It all started with a vision...

In February 1998, Rev. Fabila came to Houston to do a demographic survey of the Filipino Community in the Greater Houston Area with the aim of starting a new church Ministry for the Filipino community.

When Rev. Fabila was 12 months into the project, he was able to gather soft data which became the basis for the committee to decide on starting a New Church Development effort for the Filipino Community. Task force was formed to provide Rev. Fabila some guidance. Membership to the Task Force (Steering Committee) were the following:The Rev. Wayne Eberly, Pastor, Pines Presbyterian Church, Ms. Colleen Bodell, an elder from Pine Presbyterian Church, Ms. Susan Krell, an elder from John Knox Presbyterian Church, Rev. Dominador Layus a member from Southminster Presbyterian Church and Mr. Alan Santos an original member of Biyaya Community Church. The Rev. Wayne Eberly, was also requested to be Rev. Fabila’s mentor providing him Spiritual advise and direction.

On August 29, 1999 the first worship service was held at the Sanctuary of Southminster Presbyterian Church. The Church was then formed and named Biyaya Community Church. The worship service and Sunday School was held at the Fellowship Hall of Southminster Church. Southminster has been very supportive to the work of Biyaya Community Church. It allowed the group to use the facilities for free. It also provided the organizing Pastor an office where he could do his studies and accept visits and counseling for members as well as non-members.

After many years, Biyaya Community Church had not only grown in number but also in the awareness that the church is the household and Kingdom of God. Being a household, we belong to one family – a family of believers, belonging to the Kingdom of God. God is the ruler and we are Citizens of that Kingdom and that His reign encompasses all.